Digital Planners

For your Tablet and Stylus. You no longer have to waste your paper planners and can customize the planners your way with the Plan Blitz Planner. The Plan Blitz planner includes Monthly, Weekly, and Daily tasks with extra linked tabs so you can link to any page that you want within the planner. We have add on pages, stickers, and extra covers and stickers to make your planner completely your own.


You will need a third party app to use these planners.
If you have the iPad Pro and Pencil we recommend using
the GoodNotes app. If you are using a PC or android you can use the
Xodo app. If you have any questions, please email us BEFORE purchasing

How it works


Choose your Core Planner

Our planners are meant to be customized your way. Choose a core planner by the color of the tabs because the tabs cannot be changed. The rest can be changed to what you choose.


Choose Additional Pages

Once you have the core of your planner, you can update them and add to them anyway that you want. Our bundles of additional pages allow you to truly make your planner your own.


Change Covers + Dividers

Want to change up your planners or dividers to something new? Our Covers can be used on any planner and used for any of your dividers. This will not change the digital planner tab color.

additional pages